Manuel (Nick) da Silva
Commander - Navy

I enlisted in the US Navy on August 28, 1971 right out of Gardena High School... Went to boot camp in San Diego... After boot camp I was assigned to the USS Midway CVA-41, home ported in Alameda, California...  I was assigned to Division 4, (Boatswain's). My first deployment was to (Westpac), Vietnam,  I was temporary assigned to GM division (Guide Missile). During my first Westpac, I put in to change my rating from Seaman to Airmen and was transferred to GM Division permanently.

During this Westpac, we visited Hawaii, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam. The Midway continued Vietnam operations during Operation Linebacker. During services in Vietnam from April 30, 1972 to February 9, 1973, the USS Midway and CVW 5 was awarded the Presidential Union Citation from President Richard Nixon. After my first Westpac (11 months), we came back stateside. During a brief stay, we were reassigned as the first Aircraft Carrier to be home-ported in Yokosuka, Japan. Our transfer was an historical Navy move to expand into the Pacific region. From there the USS Midway continued her support in the Vietnam War as well as making her presence known throughout the region with visits to Pusan, Korea.

I was transferred to the USS Hancock (CVA19) in 1974. ..I was assigned to Guided Missile division.  During this time period we participated in Operation Eagle Pull and Operation Frequent Wind.

I completed my enlistment on August 27, 1975, and went home to Gardena, California.
Currently member of the City of Carson, Veterans Affairs Commission